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Chilli Penguin woodburning stove

Chilli Penguin

Chilli Penguin are a fabulous producer of top quality, low emission, highly efficient stoves – made in Wales.   The most recent innovation has been to develop Eco design ready stoves ahead of the new emissions regulations.  They have used a number of solutions to achieve this including the use of catalytic converter technology.  The technology is well established in the US but they are one of the first stove companies to utilise it in the UK.  The stoves efficiency ratings are amongst the highest currently available in the UK and the particulate emissions one of the lowest.

Woody Eco (Cat)

Wood burning stove, 83% efficient with a particulate emission figure that is 75% lower than the figure required by Ecodesign standard, thanks to the catalytic converter technology.

Nominal output: 5kw

Width: 565mm, depth: 293mm, height:  584mm

£1549 rrp


Short Penguin Eco

This fiery little 5kW penguin is designed to fit snugly into a builder’s opening but is equally comfortable and utterly sensational free standing. Simple, lean lines, contemporary stainless steel handles, clean burning and highly efficient.

Nominal output: 5kW

Width: 380mm, depth: 355mm, height: 540mm


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