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logs in front of woodburning fire


What else do I need to go with my stove?

There are a few very useful accessories you might like to compliment your new stove, we keep a selection of these in store or can order them for you as required.

Log basket

A nice log basket and perhaps a smaller one to keep your kindling and firelighters in will come in handy when you start having your first fires. We generally have a selection in store for you to choose from.

Companion Set

It’s a strange name but this is what a set of fireside tools is called, typically a poker, hearth brush, small shovel and a log turner or tongs, usually these are hung on a stand they are supplied with or you can purchase individually. These are so useful, and it is hard to run a wood burning stove without them, we carry a selection in store of both modern and traditional designs to suit your stove.

Stove Fan

Stove fans are fantastic, they sit on top of a stove and when hot the fan blades rotate to distribute the hot air from the top of the stove around the room. In my experience they really make a difference to the room temperature and help to spread the warmth throughout the house. Even better is the fact that they don’t require any cables or batteries as they produce their own power.

Ash Bucket

It’s hard to imagine that something so simple can look so good, but an enameled ash bucket will stylishly grace your hearth and be ready for use just when you need it. The ash can be used on your garden to help your plants grow. Have a look for more ideas on what to do with your ash here.

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