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Guest blog – Catharina Björkman from Contura in Sweden


I’m Catharina Björkman, marketing communications manager at Contura in Sweden, happy to appear here at the Fire Engine and share some thoughts this cold January. It’s been 11 years for me and Contura and I’ve been constantly focused on building our brand to meet our customers in the best way.

Contura, the Swedish stove manufacturing company, is found in the dark woods of Småland in southern Sweden and we share many of our values with another Swedish furniture company with the same origin (IKEA…), where I actually also spent many years of my work life. It’s always been important for me at work to be able to help people feel good at home, so moving from home furnishing to heat and cosiness was a very easy choice for me!

Contura – the Swedish stove manufacturer in Markaryd

Contura Hq for the fire engineAt Contura, we offer an extensive range of classic and contemporary wood burners; from traditional insert stoves suitable for existing fireplaces, to freestanding statement models made with innovative materials such as soapstone.

We design and assemble our stoves at the factory located in Markaryd, Sweden, and manufacture to the highest standards.

Speaking of feeling good, one of the best ways, I believe, to create wellbeing at home, is to allow some cosiness in everyday life. That’s why we have created Cosyology by Contura – the art of creating cosy. Let me share some of our Swedish lifestyle tips here.

‘Cosyology’ – the art of creating cosy

The objective of Cosyology is to convey knowledge and create value by providing tips, advice and information on how to boost the cosy in everyday lives. A far reaching theme? Without doubt, but it also opens the door to dialogue on a variety of subjects which is almost unlimited. Which firewood creates the warmest glow? What is the most fun card game for the whole family? How do you bake the tastiest biscuits to enjoy by the fire?

Within Cosyology, we can spark a dialogue about pretty much anything – as long as it involves cosiness!

Winter in Sweden

Winter in Sweden is all about enjoying cosy as temperatures can drop to as low as -30°C. There is even a dedicated Swedish term to describe cosiness and the pleasure that being cosy provides: Mysig.

At Contura, we believe that ‘creating cosy’ can really help to elevate our mood, allowing us to celebrate the season rather than scorn it. After all, there is so much to love about winter – cosy nights in, dimmed lighting, intimate gatherings with friends or family, comfort food and drink, roaring fires and snuggling up in layers or blankets.

The ritual of Fredagsmys

Fredagsmys translates, quite literally, to “cosy Friday,” and refers to the Swedish end-of-the-week ritual of holing up at home to relax, indulge in comfort food, watch movies and enjoy quality time after a week of hard work.

Be Lagom

‘Lagom’ is a Swedish term describing ‘just the right amount’ or ‘not too little and not too much,’ and denotes a mindful approach to all areas of life, focusing on moderation, balance, sustainability and frugality. This thoughtful approach encourages a life less frivolous, more authentic, and most importantly, endeavours to ensure that we strive for the right balance to feel happier and more fulfilled in whatever we do.

My favourite Contura stove

Contura for the fire engineThe Contura 500 Style stove is our most popular stove. First launched in 2003, it has continued to be our shining star. The sideglasses shows a lot of the fire and the size fits most homes. And there are so many models to choose from! In May 2019, we launched the new Contura 800 Style stove. This is actually my favourite stove series. The design is so easy to love and there are many good features, like the automatic start function and refuelling boost function, both developed to enhance the everyday fire.

I wish you all a lovely start of 2020 and don’t forget to add some mysig (cosiness) and lagom (not too much or too little) to your life!

Call into the showroom to find our more about Contura stoves or phone us on 01237 420904 to book your free survey.

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