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Guest blog – Gerard from Dik Guerts

Goedendag! My name’s Gerard and I’m UK Customer Service Manager for Dik Geurts.

I joined the team in Manchester in 2012 and have spent some time in numerous departments, from technical to sales and marketing, learning that it’s everything coming together that makes us who we are.

Is it reliable? Is it sustainable? Could it be easier? And how can we make it better?

At Dik Geurts we have four core values that are always kept in mind, whether one is on the factory floor, in the office, at a showroom or in a customer’s house. We all ask ourselves: Is it reliable? Is it sustainable? Could it be easier? And how can we make it better? These questions apply whatever the task, from the simple act of sending a letter to the challenge of building a custom stove. By asking as we go we are always improving our service levels, our products and ourselves – and we’ve come a long way.

Dik Geurts the company has roots in 1981, when Dik Geurts the person began producing wood stoves with distinctive designs, often using smooth curves and hard lines to draw in the eye and put focus on the flames. For the first time there was art in a wood burning fire, and Dik Geurts’ stoves proved incredibly popular locally. Before long they were known throughout the Netherlands for their unique, instantly recognisable style.

In 2007 the company became part of DRU Verwarming BV, a manufacturer with a rich history and strong presence in the gas fire market in the Netherlands, Belgium and UK. Joining with DRU allowed Dik Geurts to grow in many ways, producing new styles of freestanding and suspended stoves, as well as more classical built-in models.

dik geurts ivar 5 low wood burning stoveWith strong backing and new facilities the designs became more nuanced aesthetically and could be tailored to different countries’ tastes, growing the brand beyond the Netherlands.

One of the stoves produced for the UK market was the Ivar 5, a classic styled black box stove common in the region but with clear Dik Geurts styling: subtle curves, straight lines and a large, clear viewing window. The original Ivar proved a great success and led to the release others; the larger Ivar 8, a more traditional Aste and 2019 saw the introduction of the multifunctional Modivar.

At the same time as artistic license found more freedom, investment in research and development allowed the efficiencies to be improved with various innovations and new technologies. In the past there was one person crafting stoves by hand from local materials. Nowadays we test and choose all materials based on how they will affect the reliability and sustainability of the stoves we produce. Obviously a quality, high-gauge steel on the body of the stove ensures robustness, and the right hard-wearing paint ensures that the wear and tear of everyday use (and perhaps the odd thump of a dropped log) leave no lasting marks.

These are the details that drive us, and we go further…

It’s also clear that having a closed appliance improves efficiency, but through testing we found that using infra-red chalcogenide glass for the viewing windows makes the fire stay warmer for longer. This in turn keeps the room warmer longer and also helps to keep the glass clear, meaning the user doesn’t have to worry about cleaning it so often. These are the details that drive us, and we go further, making control of primary, secondary and tertiary airflow possible with one control slide, adding useful functions like external air connections to draw combustion air from outside the property, or self-close doors, or hotwater systems – and we won’t stop there.

Most of our stoves already comply with the 2022 EcoDesign directive, proving that they’re some of the cleanest, most energy-efficient woodburners available, but what about beyond the product? Well, for every Dik Geurts stove that’s sold a contribution goes toward carbon micro-credits. These are used to help women in the poorest parts of Uganda to plant more trees to preserve their environment and provide them with new sources of fuel. After all, wood is only a sustainable fuel source if new trees continue to be planted!

To find out if a Dik Guerts stove would be right for your home, book a free home survey with one of our experts – call 01237 420904.

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