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What is a Hearth?

A hearth is a fireproof material that the stove stands on, typically this is a piece of slate, but can be nearly anything non-combustible such as Glass, Limestone or Granite.

What type of hearth can I have?

A variety of hearths are on display in our showroom including a black slate hearth, polished granite hearth, smoked glass hearth, blue limestone hearth, flamed granite hearth and many more. We also supply clear glass hearths that can be placed over a wooden floor with a freestanding contemporary style stove. Why not come into our showroom and see examples of the hearths we have on display?

What shape can a hearth be?

We can design and cut hearths to fit any fireplace. For freestanding stoves many shapes are available, including quadrant shaped hearths for a corner stove or a D shaped piece when the stove is installed against a flat wall.

What are building regulations for hearths?

There are certain building regulations for hearths, depending on the type of stove and heat output. Most stoves can be installed on a 12.5 mm non -constructional hearth and require at least 225 mm in front of the stove as a minimum distance. There are also rules about the distance the stove should be from the wall and the hearth to the sides.

A member of our expert team can design and specify a hearth that will suit your stove and be safe and compliant with the latest regulations.

Our hearths are supplied by quality manufacturer Wharfe Valley Hearths, so have a look to see the wide range of hearths available here.


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