Heat from wood is good

Wood is good, wood is a renewable energy source and helps to contribute to a low carbon economy. As a secondary heating source it will reduce the use and reliance on your domestic boiler. Most heating systems are fossil fueled oil or gas. Dry wood in a modern Eco Design 2022 wood burning stove is an environmentally friendly way to heat your home. The Stove industry alliance have this to say about it on their website :

The stoves of tomorrow are available today. SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves are designed to reduce PM emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely. The stoves have been independently tested by an approved test laboratory and met the emissions and minimum efficiency criteria for EcoDesign.

An Eco – Design stove has 80 % fewer PM emissions than a ten year old stove, so if you have an old stove upgrading would be well worth it. In practical terms the new stove will be around 25 % more efficient and you will burn nearly 50% less firewood for the same heat.

wood is good

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