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How to choose the right gas fire for your home

If you are looking for a heat source that is the focal point of your home at the push of a button then a gas fire is a good option. But, which one? Here we give an overview of some of the key points to think about before having a gas fire installed.

1. Do you have gas?

Before you choose your gas fire this may seem an obvious question but not all homes have a gas connection. However, even if you do not have mains gas it is possible to have a connection for propane gas.

2. Where do you want the fire to go?

Do you have a gas fire right now? Then you can either leave the new gas fire in the same position, or you can choose to install the gas fire in a different location in your home.

3. What about the flue?

The outlet for flue gases (the flue) can be installed through the wall or roof. This means that you can even choose to place a gas fire in the middle of your living room or between two rooms. You do not have to be restricted by an existing location but can have the fire installed in the most convenient location in your home. To find out what would work for you ask us to come along to do an installation survey.

4. Think about gas consumption

Capacity and consumption of your gas fire is a key point for consideration. A fire with a high capacity is often chosen. You may think that a fire with a high capacity is better by definition and that it will heat the room more quickly. However, a fire with a capacity that is too high will heat the surrounding area too quickly. As a result, you will soon be forced to turn the fire down or even off, and you will no longer be able to enjoy the flames. Also, a fire with a high capacity cannot dissipate the heat evenly. That is why it is important to choose a gas fire or gas heater that is a good match for the room you want to heat in terms of capacity. We will establish the right capacity for your gas fire when we undertake our survey.

5. What is the right capacity?

What you need depends on several factors. It depends on the volume of the space to be heated and how well your home is insulated. The capacity is determined by multiplying the length, width and height of the space and thus calculating the cubic meters of efficiency.

chart describing gas fire capacity

A – for well insulated homes
Is your home equipped with good insulation, such as roof insulation, floor and/or cavity wall insulation or double-glazing? This is usually true for new, recently built houses or homes that have not been professionally.

B – for reasonably insulated homes
Is your home fitted with older insulation? Do you have double-glazing, but only basic wall and floor insulation?

C – for moderately insulated homes
Is your home poorly insulated and do you not have double-glazing? If you allow your home to be better insulated in the future, you may have a fire that provides too much capacity.

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