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Lotus living cube wood burning stove


Every aspect of Lotus stoves and fires are designed with quality in mind. Quality speaks its own language and has its own style. You know it instinctively; you can see it, hear it and feel it.
State-of-the-art combustion systems ensure exceptionally clean and efficient woodburning. Thick ceramic glass provides a breathtaking view of the magnificent flame visuals. Doors shut home with both a reassuring feel and sound, and heavy, cold-rolled steel ensures you can trust your fire to heat your home in even the coldest of winters.  Lotus stoves and fires are designed to last,
which is why they are painstakingly engineered and timelessly styled. Not just to create a beautiful focal point, but to become the warming heart of your home.   To view the full range click here. 

At our showroom in Bideford you will find the Lotus Living Cube – an incredible show stopper!  You can also talk to us about the entire range of Lotus stoves. We will work with you to find the right stove for your home.  Call us on 01237 420904 to discuss your requirements.




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