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MCZ halo pellet stoves


If you don’t want to burn oil or don’t have access to gas, wood pellet heating is a serious alternative to fossil fuels. The biomass used for making wood pellets is a sustainable and renewable fuel source. So pellets are an increasingly popular eco-sustainable source of energy.

Pellet combustion is highly efficient. With the same amount of fuel you can achieve more heat with pellets than with wood. Also, pellets burn more efficiently and give a very clean combustion. This is the reason why pellet stoves benefit from all tax benefits and incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy. They are the best environmentally-friendly alternatives you could choose to heat your home as well as to save on bills.

A wood pellet stove would be a serious contender to provide all your heating needs in an open plan barn conversion or new build house.  This would negate the need for complex pipe runs for underfloor heating or the electrical demands of ground source heat pumps.

Call in to the showroom for a design consultation when we talk through your designs and advise on prices for a full quality installation. Find out more about the MCZ range here.


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