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peanut multi-fuel stoves range


The Peanut range is the result of Saltfire’s latest developments. They excel in clean burning, high efficiency stove technology. Ideal if you are looking for a multi-fuel stove. Created at Saltfire’s innovation centre in Wareham, Dorset. They are designed to be very easy to operate, install and super easy to keep clean and maintain.

With a broad range of outputs on each model, you will have fingertip control to enjoy slower ‘lazy flames’ or a hotter ‘roaring’ fire, and anywhere in between. All whilst maintaining high efficiency using fewer logs but giving more heat when you need it. The Peanut range features all-cast-iron construction for maximum heat-retention and ultra-clean-burning even during ‘low and slow’ burning.  Giving a high level of technology and design in a multi-fuel stove.

Call in to the showroom for a design consultation when we talk through your designs and advise on prices for a full quality installation. To find out more about the Peanut range click here.


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