Aike pellet stoves

Aike Pellet stove or design classic?

Beautiful clean lines and simple design of the Aike pellet stove. Surely a design classic?

The Aike pellet stove from MCZ has no front vents, made with a structure entirely made of painted steel. The new firebox features curved lines and is equipped with ceramic spark plug ensuring ignition times are reduced by 40%. You also have the option of using a handheld remote control or your smartphone.  Find out more about the Aike pellet stove here.

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The most efficient and clean heating system

Pellets are an increasingly popular for those who are interested in an eco-sustainable source of energy. This is because pellet combustion is very efficient. With the same amount of fuel you will be able to achieve more heat with pellets than with wood. Additionally, pellet burns better and assures a very clean combustion. This is why pellet stoves benefit from the tax benefits and incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy. They are some of the best environmentally-friendly alternatives you could choose to heat your home as well as to save on bills.