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Survey & Quote

Free survey in your own home.

We offer a free survey in your home. Here we establish the suitability for your chosen stove and build a detailed picture of what would technically be required. Then we can give you an estimate for the total cost of the project. This is a free service and without obligation. The technical survey is very much a design consultation. So, time to discuss ideas and possibilities.

Stove installation estimates comprise of the following parts;

  • Stove – your chosen stove, make and model, colour.
  • Flue – the flue system and its multiple components, their grades of stainless steel and quality.
  • Hearth – the type of hearth, whether slate, glass or something else.
  • Stove installation – labour for HETAS registered installer.
  • Building works – Any labour for ancillary building works and building materials.
  • Scaffold – scaffolding if required.
  • HETAS sign off

All our work is bespoke and no estimate is the same.  We work hard to get your quote to you as promptly as we can.

Once we have provided your estimate we can talk you through it making any amendment as required until it is exactly right for you. Upon acceptance we ask for a 50% deposit and will book a proposed start date.

What do we do on our site survey?

The site survey is very much an information gathering exercise, we will take various measurements to calculate the height of the flue required, the pitch of your roof for flashing and to assess the equipment that might be required to erect the flue such as a scaffold or Cherry picker as well as conventional ladders.

We also need to take into account the proximity of other buildings and trees and consider the prevailing wind conditions. This will help us to calculate the amount of flue required in terms of its draw, and if any specialist cowling would be necessary to prevent down drafts in extreme weather.

If you require building works we can calculate the lintels required, plastering and all making good. We need to calculate the size of the hearth and make provision for any fire protection measures. This is done in relation to building regulations document J, and the guidelines set out by HETAS. All this initial work will allow us to sign off the installation of your new stove as HETAS compliant for which you will receive a certificate for insurance purposes.


Upon instruction we ask for a deposit of 50% to secure your fitting date and we then order your chosen stove. Lead times vary depending on the time of year but this can be between 3-6 weeks.

Just use the ‘Get In Touch’ form to book your survey or call us on 01237 420904.

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