Would recommend very highly.

Will was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Will had flue plans professionally drawn up so we could do the job with our favourite builder through building regs (council) instead of a HETAS installer. All very easy. The saving allowed us to spend our budget on a good flue and stove rather than on the installation. Will also gave sensible advice, e.g. we were regularly told that we needed a 9KW or above stove for our space. Will said that whilst this might be technically true, a stove that large might be too hot to sit near. He thought a modern 5KW stove would do the job well. He was right on all counts – it comfortably heats two floors (5m x 10m each) in 2-3 hours (The bottom floor within an hour). Will is a solution orientated chap which was a refreshing departure from a lot of the people we met along the stove installation journey. Would recommend very highly.