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Top tips for keeping your stove in good condition

As this year’s wet winter draws to a close and thoughts turn to spring, it might be time to start thinking about servicing your stove. A clean stove that has been thoroughly checked over is a safe stove and also a stove that is better for the environment. A modern wood burning stove can be a significant investment and a focal point in your home, it is therefore well worth looking after this appliance with regular maintenance by qualified professionals.

Wood burners are amazing feats of engineering and have been built to withstand regular heating and cooling cycles that are really quite extreme, reaching temperatures around the flue collar of around 700 degrees centigrade at times. The flue gasses are quite clean when burning dry logs in an Eco design 2022 stove. But, the chimney still needs a regular sweep every year.  The main component parts of the stove should be carefully disassembled and checked and replaced to ensure you don’t suffer any unexpected failures, rendering the stove un-useable when you need it.

We are rolling out our new service this spring to help you protect your investment with our Service Plan, more details will appear  soon, but in the meantime for more information or to book a service please call in to the showroom or call us on 01237 420904 and we will be happy to help.

The importance fuel quality

There has been a lot in the news lately about fuel quality, and this has helped us to reinforce the message about modern Cleanburn stoves, we just all need to burn dry firewood. New EcoDesign 2022 wood burning stoves love a diet of dry hardwood logs that are under 20% moisture content, they find it hard to digest the wrong fuel and when fed wet sticky soft wood logs they go off colour and belch out dark smoke.

Fuel quality is the single most important aspect of making a successful fire. To burn effectively, the moisture content of firewood needs to be less than 20%, whether it’s being used in an open fire or a stove. Freshly felled timber can have a moisture content of between 30% and 60%, which when burnt can cause dangerous creosote build-up in chimneys.

Using a moisture meter is a great way to check whether your wood will give you a safe and efficient burn, or if it needs further seasoning.

wood burning stove wood meterWe love these new Valiant moisture meters – they are so simple to use the screen will glow green if your fuel contains less than 20% moisture, indicating that it’s ready to go.

The new Valiant moisture meter can also be used in timber, floors and buildings in order to detect and measure moisture content.

We have these available from The Fire Engine showroom and are available at half price when you take out your stove service plan.




The importance of enjoying your stove

Wood burning stoves are tremendous and people love having one and there are many proud owners who would not be without one. Stoves are great for metal health, they promote exercise and are a form of truly renewable heat, the gases given off while burning are vital for plant growth and the by product of combustion the ash is a rich plant nutrient. Owning a stove is a way of life, and very much part of the family like a much loved pet. You have to love it, look after it and clean it, occasionally it will misbehave but it in return for being looked after and fed the right diet it will also reward you with a loving glow that reaches into a part of our primitive brain and gives total satisfaction. A modern wood burning stove will be the only appliance in your house that will work without an external power source. Obviously this is a bit far fetched but if there was ever a situation when a complete breakdown in society occurred and citizens confined to their homes,  with enough dry logs they could be just what we need to survive a period of isolation. Throughout history mankind has harnessed the cleansing power of fire to comfort and protect themselves from many threats and this could still be the case even in our modern world.

Keep warm, Will




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